Dog Training 

You can always teach an older dog new tricks!  It just takes a little more effort than it would a pup, as they may already have unwanted behaviours in place. In the sessions we take it right back to basics to help them learn the new behaviour to replace the current one, ensuring we set them up to get it right from the start. All training is positive and reward-based, using as much of the dog's own good choices to build the desired behaviours. 

121 Training Session (2 sessions) (12 months +)£130

These sessions are for continued training to build on behaviours from previous training or to learn new ones. 

These sessions are to help with indoor and outdoor problems covering issues like 

- Jumping up

- Stealing Food 

- Door Dashing 

- Settle training

All training will be tailored to you and your dogs' needs to get the best outcome, using positive reward-based training. (Follow-up session within 6 months £40)

121 Loose Lead & Recall Training £50 

Lead Walking and Recalls are the two most common issues people and their dogs need help with. 

With easy to follow techniques, I will show you how to build a strong bond with your dog, so they will want to work with rather than against you. Most of the issues come when there are distractions around.  So let's set them up to get it right first then add in the distractions. Practise makes perfect but that also means the non-desirable behaviours like pulling on the lead and running at other dogs

The session will be based around your dogs' needs, so if it is lead work and recalls, we can tackle both or if it is just the one issue to work that is fine in the session I will happily answer any other burning questions you have about your dogs' training or behaviour needs.

After the session you will get sent a few demo videos of the training we would have covered so you have something else to look back on and keep up with the training. 

Solo Behaviour/Training Walks £30 per hour 

Solo training walks are great for the dog that needs a little bit of help, it could be they pull on the lead, ignore recalls, get over-excited, and can't focus and the list can go on. Whatever your dogs need I can help, with positive and fun training games along with lots of reinforcement.

1-hour session 

The owner will receive videos from the session to see the dog's progress and an update with key points to work on during the week if needed. I do recommend that after 4 training walks the owner come out with us to do a mini handover/update session as the dog needs consistency across the board to get things right. this session can be booked in as and when it is needed.

Zoom Training Session £25

2020 was a year that saw Zoom dog training become a thing, who would have thought training dogs via a video chat could be a thing? certainly not me! Well, I think I need to confess, it actually works. 

So that is why I will still be offering zoom training going forward even long after the Covid19 lockdown restrictions as it is a great way to get the basic training over to you and your puppy/dog as everyone is more relaxed. 

Puppy/dogs can't learn new things when stress or anxious the same is true for people, so learning in your home environment means you can relax, be stress-free knowing your dog will be too

1 hour session, is open to you and your dogs need every dog is different

IMDT Partnership grades 1-6  £30 per session

Want to build a strong relationship between you and your dog? 

Want to have new tasks and targets to complete? 

Then look no further......

The IMDT Partnership grades are suitable for all dog of all ages.

My 121 sessions means no dogs get left out, and there is more flexiblity to book around work and daily life. 

working thought grades 1 - 6 will build on the basics like lead walking and recall increasing in difficulty. too keep the training fun we will be teaching tick and new tasks like send around an object, bow, and scent work. 

Every partnership will receive a progress log folder to keep track of tasks that they complete and tasks that need work. 

Each grade has 6 activities to complete, once complete you will be awarded with a certificate and rosette. 

I would recommend a hour session once a week to keep the training progressing nicely but this can be worked around your work and lifestyle. 

Hour session £30 (book 6 session and save £5)